Queen of Ratarra

Queen of Ratarra



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Love to Cosplay?

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Whether you’ve won contests or it’s your first time dressing up, Boston SouthCoast Comic Con is a great place to enjoy the art of cosplay on stage with friendly people. We’ve got contests, games, and more! Or, just dress up for fun, pose for the Pop-parazzi and enjoy everyone’s awesome arrays.

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Want to enter our cosplay contests?

  • Register as soon as you get to the show next to the Cosplay Stage.
  • Our Core Cosplay Concept is Creativity.  We are looking for ORIGINAL Characters … with a Back Story.
  • Think you have the next great character for a series for Books, Comics, Graphic Novels, Movies or Television?
  • This is the place to show your stuff …

Create-a-HeroSM Contest

Heroes aren’t born, they’re made. And this is where they’re created. This contest is for original heroes that not only have cool costume, but also have a creative back story and unique powers and/or capabilities. So strap on your thinking cap, dust off that cape and show us your hero!

Create-a-VillainSM Contest

In the darkest corners of all of our minds is a desire to rule the world. Villains come in all shapes and sizes and all of them have a different reason for why they’ve turned to life of crime; This is your opportunity to showcase why your villain is the most terrifying and the biggest threat the world has ever seen and have the opportunity to steal the show!

Create-a-CharacterSM Contest

Have you ever wanted to create your own comic book or manga, or a really interesting character for a video game? This is your opportunity to showcase your original cartoon, anime, space alien, action adventurer or morally ambiguous inkblot character. Create a costume with a great back story, show us your true ingenuity and you could be revered in character history.

Show us your stuff and win great prizes!

Contests are all held on both days.


Cosplay Death Match

Many times we’ve asked questions like who would win in a fight between your favorite characters of different genres. Well now we have a way for us to find out. Combatants enter the stage and pose to the death by judge.  Our celebrity judges along with the crowd will help us determine our combatants and who is victorious. Enter the contest as soon as you get to the show to be eligible at the Cosplay Registration Area next to the Cosplay Stage.
Boston SouthCoast Comic Con - Cosplay Death Match

Cosplay Dating Game

Everyone always wonders what it would be like if two characters were to get together, well now is the time where we can find out all of those questions. One lucky bachelor/bachelorette will be selected to ask questions with three mystery suitors and at the end, they choose who they want to go on a date with. You must be 18 years old to qualify. Enter the contest as soon as you get to the show to be eligible at the Cosplay Registration Area next to the Cosplay Stage.
Boston SouthCoast Comic Con - Cosplay Dating Game